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SIREN’S SONG is an action-adventure romance that takes place in England and the high seas during the 1790s. A shipping maven is mysteriously cast as the protector of an ancient prophecy that foretells the source untold power, and hides the location of a legendary treasure. Her only task, to keep an unusual map safe from the wrong hands. Easier said than done, when the enemy believes he is destined to have it, and the man she loves wants to destroy it. SIREN’S SONG is winner of the 2009 Write Touch Readers Award and 2009 Beacon Award for Best Historical. It was also a finalist in the 2009 Award of Excellence, and the 2008 RWA Golden Heart Award. Four Stars from Romantic Times Book Reviews.





SIREN’S SECRET is the next in the series and features Lady Olivia Yates and Samuel Stafford as they they make a perilous journey to Egypt to uncover the tomb of a librarian who engineered an astrolabe that some believe can lead them to an ancient realm and home of a legendary treasure. SIREN’S SECRET was a finalist in the 2010 Golden Quill Contest and won Second Place in the 2010 Beacon Award for Best Historical. Four Stars from Romantic Times Book Reviews.








THE TIME KEEPER is a holiday story filled with lingering kisses, sleuthing adventure, and longitude lunatices. Avery Hilfington was talented, tenacious, and spent a lot of time, thinking about time. She’d lost her father at sea, and was determined to solve the problem of longitude before she lost the only other man she loved – a man who wanted nothing to do with her anymore, and a man that she swore had broken her heart for the last time. Four Stars from Romantic Times Book Reviews.

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