Siren’s Secret

Siren’s Secret: Keepers of the Legacy: Book 2

Lady Olivia Yates enjoyed a wide array of scholarly pursuits. And she had an astounding vocabulary to prove it. Thanks to her archaeologist father, she also knew just about everything there was to know of ancient Egyptian artifacts—including a code no one else had yet deciphered. But she had no idea what to do when it looked as though someone was trying to murder her.

Samuel Stafford understood only about half the words that came out of the woman’s mouth. But he didn’t mind—so long as he had a chance to watch those luscious lips at work. Too bad he wasn’t paying more attention, because suddenly Olivia was dragging the shipping captain halfway around the world on a perilous treasure hunt. From fighting Barbary pirates on the high seas to exploring centuries-old tombs, only together could they unlock the… SIREN’S SECRET.

Reviewers Praise Trish Albright:

“Albright cements her place as an adventure/romance writer with her second roller-coaster ride of a story when an American shipping magnate and a British Egyptologist match wits and wiles in a race to decode an ancient prophecy. The fun begins on page one and continues to the very satisfying end.”

—Romantic Times BOOKreviews


“For a summertime book at the beach, what could be better than a delightful, romantic, swashbuckling escapade…This fast-paced, exciting high seas adventure is sure to keep you as riveted as it did me.”

—Joyce Anne McLaughlin, Publishers Weekly’s Beyond Her Book Blog


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